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Astra Gold

Whisky Gift Set "Provenza" 750ml+2x280ml in Flora´s Empire Gold Ivory by Astra Gold.

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Crystal Glassware & Barware.

Whisky Gift Set "Provenza" 750ml+2x280ml in Flora´s Empire Gold Ivory by Astra Gold.
Astra Gold is producing different types of crystal products, which are decorated with true 24 carat gold or pure platinum. As each of our glass is covered by special protective layer, our decoration is very stable even during heavy daily use.

Quantity of glasses in set 2 pcs
Quantity of decanters in set 1 pc
Capacity of glasses 280 ml
Capacity of decanter 750 ml
Precious metal used Gold
Packaging The gift suitcase (in black)
Height of glasses 96 mm
Diameter of glasses 85 mm
Height of decanter 240 mm
Size of box 200 x 260 x 115 mm
Weight of box 2 kg
Width of decanter 100 mm
Depth of decanter 100 mm
Material of decanter 24% PbO lead crystal
Material of glasses Luxion lead free crystal glass

This item is not suitable for use in a dishwasher and microwave oven.

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